• Activities for Uniapac Africa – January – July

    January 1st Fortnight New vision of development for the future of UNIAPAC Africa the light of its accreditation with the African Union. Elaboration of UNIAPAC Africa development strategy – Young, with involvement of all member associations and the UNIAPAC Youth of Argentina. 2nd fortnight From 18 to 25 As part of the expansion, visit to […]

  • UNIAPAC ÁFRICA in movement

    This newsletter is the beginning of a new stage of UNIAPAC Africa who wants to be closer, more committed and more representative: – More close to its members and all business leaders and African leaders willingly, with a practical message of living ethics and virtue in professional day-to-day. – More committed to the development of […]

  • AGEPC-CV is already an UNIAPAC African member

    The Association of Managers, Entrepreneurs and Catholic Professionals of Cape Verde is already a member of AFRICA UNIAPAC, which includes the International Federation of Christian National Associations of Business Leaders and institutions. The president of the newly created association makes a positive assessment of the work and has no doubt that the presence of AFRICA UNIAPAC in Cape Verde […]

  • Africa and the Sustainable Development

    Let me point out these two notes, before we start: Portugal is celebrating today 41 years on 25th of April, it was a result from a common struggle that joint the peoples of Africa and Portugal. A struggle for freedom before those who came from several African countries, some are Portuguese- speaking, who were involved in this struggle, […]

  • Africa and the Sustainable Development

    The development of companies and leaders capable of creating solid and sustainable enterprises, creating quality jobs which enable its employees not only to make their economic livelihood, but also to develop and grow as people, it is a target that can only be obtained by  investing in training, on the delegation of powers and responsibilities, and with […]


Associations Members

Angola - ACGD
Benin - ACEB
Burkina Faso - ACATHA B
Cape Verde - AGEPCCV
Cameroon - PADIC
Chad - UCCT
Democratic Republic of Congo - CADICEC
Gabon - MCC Gabon
Ivory Coast - MIDEC
São Tomé - ACGDST
Senegal - ADECC
Togo - EDCT
Zimbábue - ACD